3 Benefits of On-Site Rescue Training

Rescue training is an important thing for your workers to know, especially if you work with electricity and need to do a pole top rescue. In some cases, the training is mandatory for state or federal regulations, but it can keep you safer on the job regardless. When you get on-site training for yourself and your employees you can meet these requirements, save time and increase awareness.

Saves Time

Bringing the pole top rescue training instructors to you saves you significant time and usually money over shutting down operations and traveling your employees to the training sessions. You can also get better worksite specific training because the instructor will know what kinds of equipment you work with on a daily basis as well as see what safety equipment you have on hand to help you improve it.

Meets Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that workers in the electric power industry have specific training for both pole top and manhole rescues. By bringing a certified instructor to your company for these training courses you can meet those requirements and avoid fines. Having properly trained employees can also reduce the risk to both them and equipment as well as lower your use of worker’s compensation insurance and giving your company fewer missed workdays.

Increases Awareness

Bringing the instructor to you can help you increase employee awareness of dangers in the workplace. This is because some instructors will point out potential accidents after seeing your site. When you bring an instructor onsite, he or she will be working with your team and not a collection of teams from as many companies as sign up for the course. This means more opportunity to ask questions and get personalized answers.

If you work in the electric power industry, then you will be required to have training in things like pole top and manhole rescue. You can find instructors to bring the courses to your team instead of having to spend the time traveling to them. You can also help increase employee awareness of health and safety issues through these courses.

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