3 Employee Retention Tips

Finding the perfect candidate for the job can take weeks of sorting through resumes and conducting interviews. Once a team has been brought on board, the next step is keeping them. There are many reasons why an employee may leave a job. Keep an eye on staff members and look for decreases in job dissatisfaction. Try to implement policies that will make their lives easier to entice workers.

1. Offer Great Benefits

Many workers are concerned with health insurance benefits when they start a new job. Competitive packages and low costs are a big plus for new and existing workers. Vision and dental add-ons are also appreciated.

Do not only think about employee’s insurance needs but also make sure that the company is adequately insured as well, preferably with a company with excellent claims management skills. It is no good to have a company go under because it was not properly protected.

2. Give Paid Time Off

An easy way to lose employees is by not allowing them time to relax. Workers should be given enough paid time off to allow themselves to fully relax and recover from their daily stresses. A generous maternity or paternity leave policy can also help retain people who are starting or expanding their families. Flexible time can be accrued that can be used for anything, rather than forcing employees to use certain days for vacations and other days strictly for illnesses.

3. Be Creative

Each company is unique and has employees with their own wants and needs. If most of the staff members are passionate about volunteering, then give everyone a day off to go and help at a local charitable event. If there are no current events or creative perks, allow employees to recommend activities or perks that they would like to have and bring it to a vote.

It is usually not possible to retain 100 percent of employees, but a large portion of them can be kept by treating them with respect and listening to what they have to say. Employees that feel valued stay longer.