4 Things People Will Notice in Your Waiting Room

When you work every day at your office, you’re pretty much accustomed to the way it looks. You generally don’t notice any change unless something is really out of place. However, the same is not true for clients and guests. Here are four things that people notice immediately when they visit your waiting room for the first time.

Dirt and Dust

One of the things someone will see right off the bat is any obvious dirt and debris on the floor. The longer they wait, the more their eyes will begin to wander to dirty and dusty surfaces. If people see this, they form a negative opinion right away. That’s why it’s imperative to have a cleaning service Mary Esther FL come in each week. A sparkling office gives you a good reputation and encourages return visits.


People love to look at artwork and selecting pieces is a fun part of setting up a waiting room. Try to incorporate pictures that are relevant to your field. Another option is to hang framed photographs of your business behind the scenes. People love to look at these types of pictures and it helps create a bond with your clients.

Music Selection

Did you know the type of music you select for your office can positively or negatively affect your clientele? Just because it’s a music genre you enjoy doesn’t make it appropriate for an office. Select something low-key or adult contemporary. Unless your business is a nightclub or bar, anything loud isn’t conducive to business.

Reading Material

Clients that have to spend time in a waiting room will definitely check out your reading selection. This is the perfect opportunity to supply pamphlets and flyers about your office. If you display magazines, select ones that are interesting to everyone like travel, science and entertainment.


When setting up your office waiting room, make sure to have fun with it. Imagine what it would be like if you were visiting. Keep it clean, tidy and a positive atmosphere where you yourself would enjoy spending time.

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