4 Top Pieces of Farm Equipment

Approximately 25% of the operating costs on a farm go toward mechanization. With equipment being so expensive, it is important to first purchase what you need. If there is budget left over, you can then think about equipment that is nonessential but can help to make your life much easier.

If you’re new to farming, you may not yet know what equipment you need and which would just be nice to have. Hopefully, this article will give you a clearer idea.

1. Basic Tools

These include items such as manual tools (e.g. hammers, screwdrivers, tape measures, wrenches), power tools (e.g., an electric drill or a circular saw), and garden implements (e.g., digging fork, hoe, rake, and shovel). One of the tools you should never be without, because of its usefulness and versatility, is the wheelbarrow.

2. Tractor and Implements

A tractor is an iconic farm tool because it has so many applications. It can be used to push agricultural tools as well as pulling them. However, without a tractor supply hay spear or other implements, a tractor is basically just a funny-looking car that you can drive around in circles around your property. The type of implements you need depends on the tasks you want to perform.

3. Livestock Equipment

If you keep animals on your farm, you need to keep them watered, fed, and secured on your property. To accomplish this, you will need fencing of the appropriate height for the animals you are keeping. Electric fencing may be handy but not required. The feeding and watering equipment that you need also depends on the type of animal(s) you keep. Feeding equipment may include feed buckets, hay racks, or range feeders. Occasionally, you will probably have to transport your animals from one place to another, in which case a livestock trailer is essential.

4. Pickup Truck

A pickup truck isn’t necessarily a farm essential. However, it can provide an alternative mode of transportation in situations where a tractor is not appropriate.

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