Basic Netball Rules Explained

If you thinking of any fast-paced games, don’t look too far. Netball is one of the fast-paced sport that can also appear to be complicated especially to the newbies. But the good thing about the game is that the rules are very easy to grasp. To a player who wants to know more about this exciting game, netball rules might come to be very easy to understand.

This amazing article will break it down for you in an understandable approach that will make playing online slots seem like rocket science. And if you were aspiring to be a netball player surely this overview is for you.

Major Netball Rules Violations to Avoid

In many other sports physical contact is actually appreciated and allowed. But when it comes to the game of netball, physical contact is a serious violation of the rules. There is no physicality allowed whatsoever. Have you ever asked yourself a question, why there is no contact between the Goal Scorer and the Defender in the goal ring?

Moreover, netball defenders are allowed to stand 3ft or 0.9m away from the player in possession of the ball.

The most fascinating thing about this sport is that any form of contact whatsoever will result in a penalty pass. There is no room for errors in this one because even accidental physical contact that may hinder any form of attacking opportunity will result in a penalty pass as well. So you are required to be very careful when you are playing this netball. Players should know their playing positions to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Netball Footwork Rules

According to, Netball is not only about using your hands throwing the ball to each other. But the footwork must also come into motion. If a player receives the ball with one foot landing on the ground then that leg is called the landing foot. The player is allowed to hop or do anything until they throw the ball.

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