Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

Smartphones allow us to complete so many tasks these days. In fact, you can do loads more with your phone, including things such as professionally editing your photos, watch movies, play online casino games at online casinos canada, and more.

Because of that, many people now prefer using mobile devices over PCs, and the fact that you can carry your phone anywhere, unlike a PC which requires you to work remotely. In this post, we share the best note-taking apps for Android mobile devices. These apps will do a great job of creating and storing your notes. Now, let’s look at them below.


You will be able to download this app for free from the Google play store. The app will allow you to create text notes, as well as lists, and anything else that you want to jot down. In order to help you stay organised, the app has a namesake feature, which changes the background colour of notes.

You will also get things such as backup support, calendar support, and sharing, to-do lists, and more.


You will be able to download this app for free, although you must purchase it for $2.99 if you want to get access to premium features. It will allow you access to a whole host of features such as take list notes, organisation, widget options, and more. We also love the fact that the user interface is quite easy to read, making navigation very easy. BlackNotehas a feature that allows users to lock the app so as to keep everything safe and secure. Other extra features include the ability to favourite notes for easy future access and search for particular notes. The app is also good for taking real money online casinos notes.

The app comes with some in-app purchases, but of course, those can be removed by purchasing the app.


This new app has a very simple interface and also comes with a tag system feature, which allows you to organise your notes quite easily. More focus is put on security, and you can set up a fingerprint in order to encrypt and decrypt your notes.