Best Products for the Company Logo

There are many reasons to create products with your company’s logo. The biggest reason is that it’s free advertising every time someone uses the product. However, while you are utilizing this advertising platform, you are also rewarding loyal customers and brand awareness. Consider some of these great logo-focused products.


Clothing with your logo is an excellent way to get your message out into the world. T-shirts make great giveaways, but you can go beyond that and create corporate work gear. That means with every lunch break, meeting, errand after work, or commute to and from work, your employees are advertising your company. You can find an embroiderer in your area to stitch your design on a collared golf or button-down shirt. Another option is to look for a denim jacket manufacturer Los Angeles CA who can help create a very upscale trendy logo design on a piece of clothing that no one will grumble about wearing.


Small logo-branded kits are great giveaways at conferences. They are flashier than a free pencil and more useful than another koozie. Kits can sometimes be customized to fit the tone and character of your company. For example, any company that does business in the medical field can offer small first aid kits. Companies trying to raise their environmental status, can offer a kit containing a reusable drinking straw and a hardy reusable sandwich bag (with the company logo on them, of course).


Another useful product that will keep your company in the spotlight is custom branded backpacks or commuter bags. Although these will cost more money than a box of mints in a custom tin, they are also much more visible when used. Even if the employee or customer gives the bag to someone else, it will still be visible out in the world with your name on it.

There are many options when it comes to logo products. Keep in mind when, where and how the product will be used to help you decide what items will have the most impact.

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