Business Idea: The Organization Of Quest Games In Real Time

Quests are fascinating games with some mysterious or confusing plot. During its passage, on your way, there are hundreds of additional tasks and new, funny characters. And the process of the game is so exciting and enthralling you that you do not even notice how quickly time passes. Having organized your own business on quest games in reality – you can earn good money.

But it is worth bearing in mind that this is also a rather specific type of business, with its own intricacies and peculiarities. But what are the features, how to properly organize this type of business, and how to minimize your risks, all this we learn in this article.

What are the features of such a business?

– In a peculiar competition. Your competitors will not try to overtake you; on the contrary, in some cases, they can take advantage of your reputation and provide themselves with customers at your expense. How? Your clients will play “quest games in reality” only once, and if they like it, they will look for another similar company and play its game.

– Dependence on reputation. If you have been producing excellent games for several years, but suddenly – Several people were lost in one of your quest games … In this case, your reputation will suffer greatly, and since your business is a “one-off game”, then you will have customers are unlikely to contact.

– Large investments (only for indoor games);

– Dependence on weather conditions (only for games in open areas).

How to minimize the risks?

Well, firstly, you need to create a carefully crafted game scenario and test it for operability even before starting your business. You may need to add new characters, another task, or remove something. Secondly, one should not be afraid of peculiar competition. Not only your competitors, but you can use it to your advantage. And here about reputation, you should not forget. You don’t want to lose it.

You have to keep in mind that people from various countries are getting interested in casino games as like as online gambling south Africa.

How to start a business on the organization of quest games in real time?

Choose a place

Everything is simple: you either need a room or not. If your games will take place “behind closed doors”, then the room is extremely necessary for you. It is desirable that it was closer to the city center. And if your quest games are somewhere on the street, then you will not need a room.

Required equipment
a) Scenario for the quest game. It is best to develop several types of one scenario and test each one. Which one is best suited – to leave, or modify? And even better if you have not one game, but several. At least 2-3 to start.
b) Suits, requisites, accessories. They are needed in order to “dress up” your employees.

c) A room (only for games “under the roof”). In addition, your room will need to pump: to decorate the style of the quest game, buy the necessary furniture, etc.

We hire employees

Who do you need? Several organizers and game characters. You do not need a scriptwriter on a permanent basis; his services can be entrusted to third-party specialists or freelancers.

Doing Business

As a rule, customers will look for similar events on the Internet. And that means you need to create a website for your company like the goldenrivieracasino site, a great online portal that offers a selection of the best French online casino sites. Also should be noted on city portals and forums. Maybe even create your own group in social networks. In addition, you need to spend money on advertising. It can be like advertising on the Internet: banner / contextual. And advertising is offline: signs, posters, distribution of business cards, flyers, etc.

Conclusion: the organization of Quest games is a fairly profitable and promising business. Its profitability is 50-200% per year. Payback – from several months to six months. The most important thing in such a business is to conduct interesting and exciting games for people. With each new season, it is advisable to add at least one game to your collection. Well, that’s all, perhaps. We can only wish you success!

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