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13 Facebook Mistakes You Can Avoid What not to do on the company profile?

1. Incorrect profile name and preparation of the logotype and “first contact” graphics on the knee The name should be simple, short, adequate to our brand, and as easy as…

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12 problems in B2B marketing that are solved by marketing automation

Potential customers are more and more aware of advertising gimmicks and are reluctant to push-up, up mismatched ads. In turn, Social Media is dependent on constantly changing algorithms, and newsletters…

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How to increase the effectiveness of the newsletter through the marketing automation platform?

The moment when we choked on social media, convinced that e-mails are a thing of the past, is long behind us.┬áToday, there is no need to convince anyone about the…

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10 Things You Can Do To Double Your Video Views

When you’re just starting out, even small gains in your video’s viewership can be significant. So what are the top ways you can double your number of views? In this…

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Why video is vital for your marketing campaign

Video content is growing to be the most dominant form of content. People watch countless hours of YouTube per day because video content is engaging. It transports the user into…

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Creating A Strategy for Search Engine Optimization

Before writing and publishing SEO content online, it is best to consider certain fundamentals such as keywords, competition, content, and strategy. Below, we will discuss a few of these, many…

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