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Getting a divorce when you have children can be a complicated process. When determining who the child will stay with, courts in Florida focus on what is in the best interest for the child. Florida Courts do their best to make sure that both parents have an involvement in their child’s life. In some cases, a parent may request to have sole custody but this request typically isn’t granted since Florida Courts want to make sure both parents are involved in the child’s life. There are several factors that are considered when the court is analyzing the situation.

Build A Strong Parent-Child Relationship

The ability and disposition of each parent to build a strong parent-child relationship is a factor that is given great consideration. Honoring the time-sharing schedule is also equally important. When any changes are required to the schedule, it is important for both parents to be reasonable.

Effective Communication

The parents being able to communicate with each other in an effective manner is essential to keeping the other parent informed about any activities or issues that relate to the child. When dealing with the child, Florida courts expect each parent to keep a unified front when it comes to every major issue that may arise.

Safe And Moral Environment

Keeping the child free from substance abuse and living in a safe and moral environment is also something Florida Courts consider when deciding which parent the child should spend the most time with. Florida Courts believe that it is very important to raise a child in the safest environment possible so that they can receive the best upbringing possible.

Choose Hackworth Law For Your Case

Everything is considered when Florida Courts determines which parent should spend the most time with their child. By maintaining a safe and moral environment, building a strong parent-child relationship, and being able to effectively communicate with the other parent, you can be ensured that you will be able to spend an adequate amount of time with your child after your divorce and will be able to reach separation agreement tampa.

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