Company channel on YouTube – fresh Google guidelines

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Google provides guidelines for YouTube channels and videos. If you are thinking about creating your new place for content communication or you are already running one, this text is for you.

YouTube channel optimization

You will learn how to set up your YouTube channel and content to increase:

  • the number of clicks from YouTube search results to your channel,
  • number of subscriptions,
  • number of views,
  • your channel’s searchability,
  • video watch time.

Channel art and icon

Are your graphics large enough and readable when viewed on mobile devices? Check it out! Put yourself in the role of the user of your channel – if the graphics and icons do not look like you would expect in their place, change them to something else. It is worth testing different solutions and changing them from time to time.

Channel description

The description is very important, so use at least 500 characters. Do you want to ensure better visibility in the search engine? Use keywords at the beginning. Worded content is also the key to a clear reception of both your videos and your brand like online gambling.

Channel sections and playlist

It is crucial to think like a user when arranging the order of added videos. It’s worth checking the playlist name using Google Trends.

Is your channel already exemplary? Time to optimize your videos 🙂

When optimizing a video, it is important to focus on three elements:

Title – short, concise, and to the point

Video titles on YouTube can contain 100 characters, but the YouTube search engine shows only 70 characters, while on mobile devices it is only 40 characters. Application?

  • YouTube video titles can be 100 characters long
  • YouTube search engine only shows 70 characters
  • On mobile devices, it is only 40 characters


Google recommends creating a description according to a scheme, which consists of 4 parts: start, call to action, links, and extra.

  • Start – with the first part of the description. Here, describe your video in detail in one or two concise sentences. You can also use a call to action to invite the user to click “Show More”,
  • Call to action – add additional information about your video and a time frame with highlights in the video or links to playlists here. Insert a clear call to action, you can use the phrases Watch, Subscribe, View,
  • Links – place your channel subscription links, your other videos, or external links here,
  • Extra – add additional information at the end.

Use all possible signs.


The video thumbnail should be eye-catching. Pick photos in action that explain the idea behind your video. It is important to include text in the photo.

You’ve learned the basics.
Apply them to your channel, experiment, and see the effects.