Construction of a concrete tennis court

Do you want to build a tennis court in your property? Discover the porous concrete as a coating for your tennis court, its advantages as well as maintenance for its construction. What a pleasure to have a tennis court-concrete home! This allows not only to train when you want but also to freely organize friendly meetings with family or friends.

In addition, building a concrete tennis court is not an expensive investment. Every private individual can have his private tennis court, provided to entrust the project to a professional to benefit from a good quality/price ratio.

If you are looking for a specialist tennis court construction service then check out the link. They can build covered outdoor tennis court as well as school canopies for suitable playgrounds.

– The concrete tennis court: inexpensive, strong and resistant
4 types of flooring are allowed for a tennis court:

> natural or synthetic grass,
> the beaten earth,
> resin,
> porous concrete.

Porous concrete is a tough coating because it can hold for forty years, strong and easy to put in place. It has the advantage of being less expensive than other types of flooring and requires little maintenance.

This is why most people opt for a porous concrete tennis court when they choose to set up this playground in their properties.
– Construction of a concrete tennis court: the declaration of work

The building permit is not necessary for the construction of a private tennis court. By cons, it is essential to make a statement of work at the town hall. If the mayor makes no objection within two months, the individual may consider it a tacit authorization and start the construction site of his tennis court-concrete.

In addition, the addition of a simple tennis court does not increase the value of the property tax unless it is covered. Similarly, there will be no increase in the property tax for the installation of accessories, but if the owner chooses to install shelters or a veranda, they will be taxed.

– To finish: tips for maintaining a concrete tennis court
The porous concrete tennis court must be swept every day. It is essential to wash it with water with a pressure washer once a month, and once a year, it must be applied anti-foam treatment.

Finally, the porous concrete of the surface can degrade with time. If such a defect occurs, the manufacturer must be called immediately for repair. Degradations can promote cracks, which in the long run can alter the underground slab and cause considerable damage to the tennis court.

We, therefore, note that the construction of a porous concrete tennis court requires a declaration of work with the municipal authorities.

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