Eco pea coke: everything you need to know

Eco pea coke has nothing to do with vegetables and ecological type of peas. A good eco pea coke of high quality can bring you a lot of savings when it comes to heating.

What is eco pea coke? 

Eco pea coke is a form of solid fuel produced from bituminous coal. It is called a pea-coke not without reason: it looks similar to peas thanks to the small size of granules, and it is easy-peasy to use. Eco pea coke granules are seen in size between 5 and 25 millimeters per granule.

High quality of coal gives a lot of warmth when used, and it doesn’t impact the air pollution badly, leaving just a trace of ashes. Using eco pea coke is excellent for an economic point of view: eco pea coke can be cheaper and more sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly, leaving a lot of other types of fuels behind.

How to get energy from eco pea coke?

Production of energy is managed by using eco pea coke in modern, special resort boilers with fuel dispensers. The boiler needs to be loaded every few days, making the whole mechanism work smoothly and efficiently and keeping costs low.

What is worth mentioning is also the sake of safety, which with eco pea coke has another level.  Dioxin or carbon monoxide are not released, lowering the risk of fume as well as painful side effects of burning fuel.

Who will benefit from using eco pea coke the most?

Eco pea coke is a perfect solution for the elderly. It doesn’t require much effort to maintain, and it is fairly easy to use.

This is also recommended for those who appreciate the continuous warmth of their house: with eco pea coke the heating process is comfortable and very quick. No more waiting for ages!

Eco pea coke can come as a blessing for those who simply can dedicate a lot of time during busy weeks. It is only required to clean the boiler of ash dispenser from time to time (every few days) to keep it work perfectly.

Beware of fake eco pea coke!

It is possible to find eco pea coke which is not fuel at all, or it is fuel of very poor quality and causes more harm than good. The low-calorie eco pea coke will not provide with enough warmth and with all its faults, it may not be safe to use at all.

Reliable eco pea coke sources

The better eco pea coke you will buy, the better the quality you will receive. Check out the best suppliers of real, high-quality eco pea coke: 

Eco pea coke provides with a whole new experience of heating: it gives what it should – warmth, but also cost-effectiveness, safety, and convenience. Another factor that we should take into consideration is taking care of our planet, and eco pea coke with a low level of air pollution’ impact is increasingly more often selected solution.

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