Essential Guidelines For Organizing a Successful Warehouse Relocation

Your business has grown into a new facility. The realization of unknowns involved in relocating your warehouse can be overwhelming. Start by creating an ad hoc team to develop a plan. Break the move down into several primary areas and build your task checklist to suit your business’s unique needs.

Manage Inventory

Beginning with a full inventory count is probably a good idea. Knowing what you have, where it is now and its destination in the new warehouse can help prevent shrinkage. Check your inventory for obsolete items and get them off your hands before the move. If you need to adjust delivery schedules, notify your customers and manage their expectations.

Move Product and Equipment

The actual relocation of a complex warehouse can be daunting. Consider professional industrial and machinery movers Southern California who specialize in commercial relocations. These companies have the equipment, a labor force and the experience that can help expedite the process.

Maintain Safety Standards

Moving often means changes to routine, and this can bring a more significant potential for accidents. As inventory and equipment shift, maintain clear paths to doors and emergency exits in the event an evacuation is necessary. If your workers are participating directly in the relocation, think about providing additional safety training to help prevent injuries. Review the building codes in your region before the move to make sure your new facility is compliant.

Address Administrative Concerns

Communicate expectations with your staff to help stave off confusion and resistance to change. It might be wise to give your employees a measure of autonomy with a small aspect of the transfer; this may help provide them with a sense of control over their environment. Make sure to contact all your utility companies and service providers and notify them of the relocation. Finally, reach out to your customers with the specifics of the exciting news.

Stay organized, meticulous and consult with professionals as needed. These keys will help keep your warehouse relocation going smoothly and quickly.

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