Establishments That Need Security Guard Patrol Services

A Security Guard is a protecting individual, employed in an establishment, who protects individuals and the public. Security Guards are generally categorized into two types: Security Guard Patrol Services and Security Officer. Security Guard Patrol Services is one of the most common services that provide personal security with surveillance. Not only do Security Guards patrol areas for protection but also to ensure that the rules and regulations of the Security Guard’s company are followed.

Security Officers offer round-the-clock security and provide protection to an individual. Security Officers sometimes patrol the premises, but not as Security Guards do, and Security Officers’ scope of work is limited to specific individuals or property only; Security Officer also staff access posts for visitors who come to the establishment. Security Guard Patrol Services are critical for establishments with critical infrastructures, such as military facilities, airports, metropolitan cities with large population, etc. Security guard services are also important for mining sites, banks, jewelry stores, and big retail outlets.

It is crucial for Security Guard Patrol Services to have Security Guards with physical fitness, surveillance techniques, and skills; Security Guards track unusual activities in the location by either patrolling the premises or monitoring CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) footages. Security patrol services are provided by Security Guard companies, who provide security services to establishments based on the Security Guard’s availability, Security Guard qualifications, Security Guard experience, Security Guard service areas, and Security Guard cost.

Security Guards are usually assigned to patrol an area of about one mile. Security Guards also help in preserving evidence found at the scene by taking photographs; Security Guards ensure that people’s privacy rights are not violated by maintaining the confidentiality of what they see, hear or encounter. Security Guards are also required to document unusual activities in the Security report, which is later used by Security Guard companies for future reference. Security Officer services are customized to meet the client’s needs and Security Officers are assigned only to one client.

The number of Security Officers needed at a site depends on the type of industry an establishment belongs to; whether it is a high-risk or low-risk place, Security Officer may also need to be deployed outside the site for Security Patrol Services. Security Officer services can either be performed by full-time Security Officers or part-time Security Guards.

A Security Guard is highly trained in various skills such as: surveillance and observation techniques, patrolling premises, writing reports and documentation, handcuffing and restraining individuals, dealing with Security threats and Security situations. Security Guards also take the Security Guard test in order to receive Security Guard Training where Security Guards learn how to deal with unruly individuals or shoplifters by using different techniques such as: surveillance, communication and restraint skills. Security Guards are required to work many hours starting from graveyard shifts during evenings, nights, and early morning hours. Security Guard services are often used in industries such as: education, commercial, financial institutions, etc.

Security Officers also require Security training to become Security Officers; Security Officer services are usually provided for single individuals who need protection or valuable assets that need protection throughout the day.