Extend Your Business’ Reach with Printed Merchandise

Take your business graphics and put them in other places. You can give these to employees or to top customers. These items increase your advertising reach in a cost-effective way. Here are some items to slap your graphic on.


T-Shirts continue to be a favorite for printed graphics Brampton ON. You can offer these for sale, use them as part of your uniform or give away. Use the company logo on every shirt design you create. There are so many options from the funky to the professional. Choose an easy t-shirt or opt for a polo shirt for office employees. Other prospective clients see your logo wherever anyone wears the shirt making for extensive marketing for your business.


Another well-used item to place your logo on is the pen. Everyone uses pens to take notes, sign checks or write just about anything. Pens also travel all over the place. Employees can hand them out to new clients. You can sit a cup of pens on the front desk of your business. As the pen travels, the number of people aware of your business increases.


The standard business card is an easy place to put your logo. Hand these cards out to all employees with their contact information on it along with the company name and graphic. Those cards allow customers to easily pass on your business information to people they want to refer to. Postcards are another card popular to send during a direct mail marketing campaign.


Another popular item to print your logo or related graphic is a cup. You can choose plastic cups that are easy to recycle or go for thermoses. These cups showcase your business whenever they are used. Employees can carry their coffee around in a thermos to different job sites or on vacation. You can give away all types of cups during company events or at a trade show. There are so many ways to display your logo on printed merchandise.

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