Fire Protection Essentials for Businesses

Fires can occur anywhere, even in businesses that do not use open flames or ovens.  Business owners must consider several problem areas when dealing with their obligation to ensure their employees’ and clients’ safety from fires.

Individual Fire Control

Every building should have a sprinkler system with a fire sprinkler certification California. Sprinkler systems turn on automatically when their sensors detect smoke, so they are a quick first response to fires. Fire extinguishers are also important, even though they must be individually operated. They allow a fire to be targeted directly but also must be replaced when they expire.

Calling for Help

Many fires require the help of professionals. Fire alarms need to be in working condition so that firefighters know about the emergency and so that clients and employees know to exit the building. Businesses must also have landlines and cell phone service so that firefighters and other emergency personnel can be summoned, in case the fire alarms do not alert them.


In a situation involving danger, people often panic. Having a well-practiced plan is key to ensuring the safety of all involved in a fire emergency. If the fire cannot be quickly put out by sprinklers or a fire extinguisher, all people must leave the building as calmly and efficiently as possible. Each stairway and doorway should have a clear label stating the nearest emergency exit. Employees should be made aware of the evacuation plans and should perform regular fire drills. Since clients probably will not be present for the business’s fire training, necessary items like telephones and fire extinguishers should be easy to find and use.

Every business that operates out of a building, no matter the industry, needs to be prepared for fires. Although no one can prevent every disaster, by taking these basic steps, businesses can do their part to protect their clients and employees.

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