Gearing Up for Winter Emergencies

Winter is a magical season. There’s nothing quite as serene as watching a snowfall delicately cover everything in sight. Unfortunately, winter isn’t without danger. What can start off as a beautiful sight can often turn into a headache. Here are several serious winter scenarios and how you can protect yourself.

Accumulating Snow on Your Roof

It’s hard to believe that that fluffy-looking snow can create such havoc. A little snow on your roof may look like icing, but when it piles up it’s anything but sweet. The result of heavy snow can be catastrophic. You need to stay vigilant of roof snow load measurement or you could face a cave-in. The more you know, the quicker you can take action. Clearing your roof can also help prevent ice dams that can cause serious leaks when the temperature goes up.

Power Outages

With heavy snow and ice accumulations, power outages are common. Still, an outage is no fun and it can get quite cold after hours without heat. Be smart and stock-up on candles, batteries and have a radio and portable phone charger close by. If you live in an area common to power loss, a generator may be a good option for you.

Icy Roads

At some point, you’ll encounter an ice storm on the road. Losing complete control of your vehicle is a horrible feeling. Before inclement weather hits, get your studded tires on. Everyone puts it off until the last minute, so stay ahead of the crowd. Stock your car with a snow shovel, sand and a piece of carpet for traction. Remember to add weight to your trunk if your vehicle is light. If freezing rain hits, your best bet is to just stay put.

Enjoy the Snow

Winter is a delightful season and it should be appreciated, not dreaded. Planning early for the mishaps that can crop up in the snow is your best defense. The sooner you prepare, the sooner you can get back to enjoying the snow.

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