Homemade For Easter

Getting Easter baskets for all of the children you know or even special adults in your life can be expensive. There are a few gift baskets under $50 that you can make on your own that have a personal touch and that are sure to bring Easter joy to the recipient. When you look at Easter baskets, you usually see a lot of chocolate candies and other sweet treats. Make a healthy basket to give to someone you love that also includes a stuffed animal or a favorite movie. Some of the items that you can include are dried fruits and popcorn. You can also include a few books in the basket.

An Easter basket for an adult can be designed with a few different items than candies and stuffed animals. Use a pail as the container. Put some artificial grass in the pail to hold the items that you put inside. You can add a few Easter items, such as an egg or a chick. However, the basket should feature a few gold eggs with money or gift cards inside as well as a favorite beverage, a favorite snack, or something that the person would enjoy using that might not be purchased during the year.

Mason jars make good containers for any kind of gift. Decorate the lid of the jar by painting it and adding ribbon along the edge. Put candy Easter eggs inside the basket with a chocolate bunny or another chocolate treat standing in the center of the jar. These gifts can be made for teachers, neighbors, and special adults instead of getting a lot of baskets that might cost a lot of money. You can also make a garden basket for someone who enjoys being outside. Include a handheld shovel and a few different kinds of seeds that the person can plant.

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