How Do I Take A Professional Headshot With My Phone?

As smartphones get bigger and more advanced each year, so is technology. This means we can use bigger sensors for better images, more lenses, and more powerful technology. All you need is a phone and natural light. The best advice is to remember to use a cell telephone. Treat it like a camera. A little creative creativity can help to create a great selfie. We’ll give you some tips to take professional headshots using your phone. Here are the tips.

1. Wear Neutral-Colored Clothes to Focus on Your Body

Avoid strong colors that will detract from your face. Keep your hands free to the headshot. Turn on the flash to illuminate the background. Remove things like color noise, digital artifacts, and other elements to give your photo that special flair. 

2. Use a Simple Location with Good Light to Make Your Face Stand Out

Take a self-portrait by just looking in the mirror, but this time be deliberate in your pose. Ensure you are taking it from a well-lit place. Light has a great impact as far as professional shots are concerned.

3. Take Photos of Your Friends to Improve Your Basic Camera Settings

Often, you are so excited about the idea of a selfie that you forget actually to try the best selfies. If you have a similar issue with selfie addiction, this is for you. Look at the light. It’s all about light, at least to start with. How do the pictures look in the daylight and during the early morning and evening? And what about the kitchen? Where is the light going to come from? 

Also, if you want to take pictures of your friends, there are a few ways to make it easier. Ask a few friends to stop and take selfies with you. Look at what you do with the phone and understand how your phone is changing and how to set it right. Keep changing until you have the right shot.

4. Clothing & Appearance

A lot of new smartphone photography is about taking professional headshots of yourself. For selfies, your smile and makeup can make all the difference. It’s all about your eyes. It’s all about your makeup. I’m talking about yourself because you’re looking at yourself in the mirror at home. Never underestimate yourself in appearance and how you look.

5. Headshot Poses and Expressions for Professional Results

Learn the specific poses and facial expressions to create a professional headshot for an event or special occasion. Develop your own poses and expressions using props that you have in your home or office.


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