How does marketing automation bring your CRM system to life?

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It is hard to imagine the life of a sales department without a CRM system. Daily replenishment of customer information, the ability to transfer them to each other, and hierarchy of tasks. All gathered in one place. Don’t you have the feeling that CRM is a bit sluggish, that it lacks life?

Is it possible for the CRM system to perform its function better? How do give vigor to the actions of traders?

We have the keyword: marketing automation.

CRM system – choosing a marketing automation platform

The key to success is the integration of two seemingly different systems: CRM and the marketing automation platform. On paper, each of them does something different. Marketing automation is focused on the ongoing collection of data about all customers (regular and potential), and CRM, in turn, presents the database of already acquired customers, facilitating the functioning of the entire sales department, generating reports, etc. Discover more information about CRM systems from the best au online casinos.

However, it is not difficult to notice that both of these systems are aimed at increasing sales and providing sales representatives with all possible data about the customer. Their integration means that the sales department not only gets even more useful information but also saves their time and company money.

Marketing automation platform – get to know your client

There are clients whose needs traders know very well. Some are hard to read. Thanks to the solutions within the marketing automation platform that collects behavioral information about customers, the customer advisor knows what to expect. Does someone who regularly visited our store continue to do so? Does he order the same from the vending machine and is not interested in anything else, or is he regularly following offers and news?

Customers do not necessarily admit an interest in each product themselves, especially if they are not convinced that it is for them. However, when the salesperson knows that the customer has spent a lot of time on the news page, he can take the initiative to present a new offer himself.

Just as he can avoid wasting time on people who regularly sell off his phone and e-mails without showing any interest in the offer.

Automate your sales priorities

There is always time to sit down and plan your next steps carefully. Not every employee has the ability to prioritize their tasks appropriately.

The marketing automation platform supports the CRM system in this respect. Examining, inter alia, behavior on the website or reactions to sent e-mails provides the trader with detailed information about the customer and the level of his interest. In this way, the system itself moves customers around the sales funnel. The trader does not have to wonder where to place the person who is just browsing the store, where to put someone who downloaded the general offer and whether he should call the person who downloaded the price list.

Such automatic operation is possible, inter alia, thanks to user scoring, i.e. charging them the appropriate number of points, depending on the actions they take and on this basis, placing them in the right place in the sales funnel.

Prepare customers for purchase

Many customers are not ready to read the price list and decide already if they want to spend their hard-earned money. They can even treat a direct sale offer as an unpleasant attack and solicitation.

Marketing automation allows you to catch such customers. It enables, among others to send e-mails in which we educate about our product. Thanks to the automatic assignment of leads to specific groups, a potential customer receives the most personalized content that captures his interest and gradually moves towards the finalization of the transaction.

A sense of the moment of contact with the client

The response time of the sales team is critical. Prompting by phone calls and customer visits at inappropriate times will not help build a good relationship with another person.

The data collected by the marketing automation platform will provide the customer advisor with immediate information on whether the customer is ready to make a purchase, while providing data on the best time to contact him and what topic of the conversation he should take up.

Delete outdated contacts

Contact with outdated leads is a huge waste of time for salespeople. Outdated databases, often unearthed after a few months in search of new customers, are dozens of unanswered e-mails, dead phone calls, and wasted effort.

Content marketing and e-mail marketing campaigns carried out as part of marketing automation allow you to regularly clean the database of outdated contacts.

All data in one place

The integration of CRM and marketing automation systems does not mean a huge, mixed database. Both systems, working together, collect user data in one place, allowing the creation of a complete and very transparent customer profile. They also allow you to generate very accurate reports that combine the activities of automatic marketing and the work of the sales department.

Thanks to this, instead of wasting time combining both reports or presenting them in separate documents – thus reducing the readability of the results – the company can easily control the ROI.

CRM integration with the marketing automation platform

Enzo is a premium partner of SALESManago – a developer of next-generation marketing automation software used by marketing and sales departments in over 10,000 companies of all sizes. SalesManago offers integration with ZohoCRM, BitrixCRM, Livespace CRM, and SugarCRM systems.

Due to the differences in software, this integration occurs at a different level, but the common goal has not changed: to integrate the sales department with the marketing department to ultimately sell more efficiently.