I Amazed How Easy Was to Finance My Start-up Business

Times are hard- especially for those who want to start their own business. If you have a good credit record, it becomes very easy to get funding. But it is very difficult to avail funds to start a business if you have bad credit, but it can be done. At the same time, all is not over if your credit record is a bit low. There are many direct lenders who provide loans for the borrower with poor credit history such as British-lenders.uk, The Easy Loans in the UK.

Hello, readers. My name is Jennifer. Today I want to share with you all about my experience of starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur.

What according to you is the most important factor in starting a business? Is it capital or resource? If your answer is capital then you got it right! First and foremost thing to start a business from scratch is the fund. It is a major challenge if you don’t have enough savings. Suppose your savings are unable to match up with the required investment then what will be your next move? You will look for loans if I am not wrong.

Now, coming to my journey. While working for a few years I had accumulated some saving because since the beginning I wanted to start my own business. But when I left my job and started planning to open a confectionary store, I came to know about a sudden shortage of money required. I applied for a loan in the various banks but due to my low credit score, my application got rejected many times. It was indeed very annoying for me.

Blessing in Disguise

One day I was just looking around for an online lender who can provide me the very bad credit loans. I badly needed it. During my research, I found one direct lending marketplace named “AOneFinance” and applied online on their portal. It hardly took a few hours I got a response from their side. Their expert from the loan department called me and explained everything about their product.

Easy and Smooth Process

My experience with AOneFinance has been wonderful. They have a very smooth and simple process. Although their representative had already explained to me all processes, I understood it only when I applied on my own.

Since everything was done online, it was free from any hassles. I just had to fill an online application form without any scanned copies of any documents.

Quick Response and Approval

Soon after applying, I got a call from their side and they enquired about my basic information. They said that you will get the update regarding your application shortly. And to my surprise, it hardly took an hour to get confirmation from their side. I was on cloud nine. My dream of opening own store was about to get fulfilled. I am feeling very grateful to them.

Affordable Rate of Interest

As I said my application got disapproved several times due to bad credit score. Despite low credit, some lenders were willing to provide me the fund but they were charging a very high rate of interest, which was not feasible for me.

Hence, my choices were limited. But when I found AOneFinance, I was surprised to see their affordable rate of interest, which was the best for me at that time.

They offered me a very competitive rate and I was delighted to get the money from them.

Convenient Repayment Option

They have very flexible repayment option. Based on your amount and convenience they make a repayment plan which suits you best without impacting your monthly expenditure.

Overall, my experience of getting fund from the direct lender was very delightful and great. Their service and promptness in sanctioning the loan are marvelous. I would recommend everyone who is in need of money but have an imperfect credit score, to consider AOneFinance.

Description: It was a lifetime experience taking a loan from AOneFinance in the UK. They are the best in the market in all respect from sanctioning to repayment.

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