For a few years, aesthetic medicine has been offering devices to make progress in various fields of aesthetic medicine.

This is how medical cryolipolysis and laser hair removal really revolutionized our practices.

Laboratories regularly propose new procedures designed to revolutionize our practices. Thus, the different types of medical laser are side by side with mono and multipolar radiofrequency, fractional, ablative, ultrasound, etc.

All these new technologies are proposed by different laboratories promising all, interesting results, photos in support.

As a practitioner, the choice is wide and difficult to offer the best care, the most effective, with the most safety to his patients in an objective way and without giving in to the pressure of marketing of large laboratories.

Dr. Eric Behbahani in Niort has decided to do life-size tests on different devices and only acquires the devices on the sole condition that they are perfectly effective on volunteer patients.

Thus we carry out regular tests of the devices in our office. A famous French company who manufactures aesthetic medicine devices as well as they are one of the best coolsculpting manufacturer in the France.

We select the equipment of the most recognized laboratories and on which there are clear scientific publications.
We then ask laboratories to provide us with the device for these tests in order to objectively evaluate each device.

We perform tolerance and efficiency tests in the short and medium-term. We produce photographs before and after the procedure by ourselves, guaranteeing complete independence of our opinion.

It is only once this guarantee of the result obtained that we make or not the acquisition of the coveted machine.

Indeed this remains the only way to know the efficiency of each technique and force is to note that there are many candidates and finally very few elected …

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