How to find the best headphones for your work

Want to buy good headphones with a microphone for work, but don’t know what to look for when choosing a model for yourself? Here you will find answers to your questions. So, check out the TOP 5 Best Headphones with Microphone 2021.

We suggest what headphones you should have for teleconferencing, online presentations, and electronic customer service. In addition, we also present a rating of headphones with a microphone, in which you will find five models that work well in similar applications.

Headphones with mic – which are the best?

In this list, you are primarily interested in headphones for Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams, that is, applications for teleconferencing, remote communication in a team, or on a company-client line. These are devices that can be successfully used both in the office and when working remotely. They also work well at home, outside of office hours, such as talking to loved ones or playing video games. You can find usb headset with mic from this store.

1. Comfort, lightness, and ventilation

What are the best headphones for these applications? Above all, they must be lightweight and comfortable, and the materials used must provide adequate ventilation.

You will most likely be spending several hours in them a day, so comfort is especially important. In this comparison, we focused on over-ear headphones with microphones. The intrathecal method can be good too, although, as always, it depends on preference and circumstance.

2. High-quality microphone

Of course, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the sound on offer. However, the priority should not be great bass or surround sound, but the clarity of the voice.

Headphones with a good microphone are those thanks to which only your voice will reach the ears of the interlocutors, and they will understand what you are saying. The function of reducing or eliminating background noise will help in this.

3. Wired or wireless?

You also care about the reliability of your work, so wired headphones that do not require charging are better suited. However, there is only one wireless model in our ranking. For people who value the freedom to walk while talking, wireless earbuds with microphones are a much better choice.

People who work a lot outside the office should also pay attention to them. Headphones with a laptop microphone free your hands, move freely, and increase the comfort of your mobile work.

4. Business or games?

There are special business headphones, the manufacturers of which are guided precisely by such characteristics. However, it should be noted that gaming headphones have similar characteristics – players are also important for comfort and smooth communication.

That is why such models make up the majority of our list. It’s best to pick one because you will be using it after work.