How to Get rid of Stinky Feet

Make sure that your feet are always happy. And how do you do that? By making sure that they are well kept and smell fresh. It is the little things that matter in life. And so it is that it is the small parts of the body that cause the most trouble.

Having smelly feet can make you very uncomfortable. Imagine having to remove your shoes in someone’s home and have the whole place turn into a sewage system. That is the worst feeling ever if you ask us.

Stinky feet can be caused by several things. We are talking about not washing in-between you’re your toes and not washing your feet properly. But if that is the case and the damage is already done then we will come to the rescue. Keep on reading and see how.

Try wearing soaks

Wearing soaks is not all bad if you ask us. The reason we say that is because in a season like summer, people tend to sweat a lot. And sweating is a playground for bacteria. And sometimes it really has nothing to do with the season but some people just sweat a lot. So then if you wear soaks then the smell is absorbed by the soaks and you have nothing to worry about when you remove your shoes. Even when you are alone playing online casino games at, one of the popular casinos in America.

Baby powder

And say that the soaking trick didn’t work? Try out baby powder! What powder does is that it soaks up all the sweat. And here we are saying sweat has never smelled nice and surely it’s no different when it is feet sweat. In fact, it is worse, and that is why you should apply baby powder on your feet and let it do all the work for you.

Keep your body clean. Hygiene is the most important thing. People do not like hanging out with people that produce an odour. And it is the worst feeling ever when you see that people are running away from you because of things that you could avoid.

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