How To Know When To Go To HR

Sometimes a company has employees that cause problems in the workplace. If this is the case, HR often needs to get involved. There is no harm in involving HR even if you are unsure if it is necessary, but here are a few general guidelines for when you should contact an HR representative.

Poor Treatment

Any time you feel uncomfortable or hurt by anything any coworker has said or done to you, you have the right to contact HR. Even if HR cannot do anything to help you, you have made the department aware that there is a potential issue, and they can help monitor the situation to see if it becomes worse. Of course, there are situations when HR intervention is imperative, such as cases of sexual assault or physical violence. If you have experienced either of those, contact an HR representative immediately. Everyone should feel safe in his to her pace of work.

Discrimination From the Company

Coworkers are not the only people who can discriminate against or poorly treat other workers. The company itself is not infallible, and companies in the past have been known to discriminate against groups such as pregnant women, minorities, and disabled people. Discrimination from the company for these reasons or any other similar reasons is not only possible in the workplace, but outside of it as well in the form of medical leave, unfair payment, or benefits. All of these are reasons to take the time for HR consulting Denver.

Romantic Relationships

Some companies have policies against employees dating, but if the company you work at is open to its employees engaging in romantic relations, it is sometimes necessary to disclose that information to HR. If you do not disclose the relationship, both parties involved could face serious repercussions. However, before you begin disclosing your personal details to everyone, you will be best served to carefully review your company’s individual policies regarding two employees dating.  Companies have wildly differing policies when it comes to romantic relationships that can range from strictly against it to relaxed and open to it.

While HR is not a resource to be taken lightly, and it is possible to overuse it, you should still feel comfortable contacting the department. As long as you feel that you have done everything in your power to remedy the problem, and your complaint is a valid instance of discrimination, HR is the right resource for you.

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