How To Open a Bar in Texas

Opening a bar can be a great entrepreneurial opportunity for individuals interested in starting a new business. Having the freedom to work how and when you want to certainly has its perks, but there are several steps you will need to take before you can successfully open your business to the public. When opening a bar in Texas, make sure you meet the following requirements.

Obtain a Liquor License

Since you will be selling alcohol drinks at a bar, you will need to obtain the appropriate Texas alcohol permit. Depending on what you’re planning to sell, you may need a mixed beverage permit, winery permit, or another type of license. The best way to determine what type of license you need is to check with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which is the institution responsible for regulating the sale of alcohol in the state.

Apply for a Food Manufacturer License

If you plan to make and sell food or snacks at your bar, you will also need to apply for a food manufacturer license with the Texas Department of State Health Services. Even if you only plan on selling bagged ice, repackaging items, or private labeling items, you will need to obtain this license.

Register Your Business

To start a business in Texas, you need to register with the Internal Revenue Service in order to get a Federal Tax Id number. You will also need to register with the Texas government to get issued a state tax ID number.

Research City Laws

Laws and requirements for opening a bar in Texas will vary from city to city, so you will need to research any other licenses you might need for your particular area. From sales tax permits to zoning permits, there are a variety of additional regulations you might need to adhere to.

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