How to sell abroad with Google Adwords?

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Expansion into foreign markets is the goal of a growing group of Polish entrepreneurs. Fortunately, we live in the era of modern technologies, thanks to which you can promote your products anywhere in the world. Google Adwords is the tool that will allow you to turn your dream into a real sales campaign. How to use it?

Define the goal

What exactly do you need an Adwords campaign for? Do you want to sell right away or build the strength of your brand first? Advertising on Google is also a great option for those who are looking for new principals or business partners. You may need a slightly more sophisticated strategy. Before going to the trade fair, you can reach out with your message. By becoming more recognizable, you increase the chances that the guests will visit your site like robin roo casino.

Check the market

The advertising industry knows many large-scale foreign campaigns that ended in a spectacular flop. Cultural and linguistic differences can effectively frustrate plans. So get to know your audience and their expectations. Check that the words you want to use have no hidden meaning and that your products do not conflict with local customs. Polish company Pixers, which produces photo wallpapers, gave up on expansion when it discovered that walls in Spain are most often linked with so-called murals. lamb. By doing this you will avoid problems.

Get along with the translator

Not every copywriter can easily prepare Google Adwords advertising texts. Attractive style is not everything. Google sets requirements for your ads to determine how often they’ll appear. It also depends on what position they will take in the search results. Even an experienced translator does not need to know about it. Usually, it takes into account linguistic correctness, which does not have to translate into the technical side of the campaign. Advertising on Google must also fall within the specified character limit. Both your copywriter and translator need to know about it. Why? Because the length of words in German is longer than in Polish. After the advertising slogan has been translated, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. It is completely different in English, where many more meanings can be conveyed using fewer characters. At the beginning of the cooperation, present to your colleagues the criteria that the ads and the landing page will have to meet. Thanks to this, you will achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

Keyword analysis

The success of your search engine campaign depends on it. Verify that the phrases you have chosen will be consistent with the expectations and intentions of the recipients. Remember that there can be several meanings behind one word. In the case of foreign languages, a new context may emerge that you are not aware of. It is best to consult your keyword list with a translator.

Define the conversion

A potential customer will click on your ad to meet their needs. Make it clear what it is. Will it be placing an order in your online store or contacting customer service? Or maybe both options equally? Remember to consider all possibilities. This will be a measure of the effectiveness of your activities, and maybe you will not be able to check all conversions using Google Analytics. Make sure that salespeople keep statistics of foreign calls, and sellers in stationery stores ask customers how they found out about your company. Thanks to this, you will determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

Prepare the landing page

Translating your current site into additional languages ​​may not be enough. You should take into account the peculiarities of the campaign and the market, and this often involves major changes. The website must of course meet the requirements of Google. By following them, you can make better use of your advertising budget. The most important thing, however, is your recipient. Do you present your offer? Is it reliable? Is it legible? Can you convert easily? Also, consider the cultural context. What matters to you may not always be the most important for your client from another country.

Don’t forget about branding

When entering a new market, you are usually not recognizable. So you have to make your brand remembered. The sooner you start working on it, the better. Repeating the message in many different communication channels after some time should give you image and sales results. This is not always a necessary element of a Google Adwords campaign, but it is worth taking into account.

Optimization, or marketing investigation

This is the greatest challenge that awaits you. In addition to monitoring conversions, you must constantly check whether the quality of the generated traffic is in line with the selected target groups. In a word: are the people who click on your ads the ones you care about? Probably the most time-consuming is the reports of the searched phrases. The names of locations, in particular, are deceptive – streets, districts, communes, etc. Deciphering whether it is a square near your distribution point or a foreign brand can be a real adventure. This will put the campaign data in a different light. Knowing local customs and holidays will come in handy again. Also, knowing the law in force abroad will help you avoid trouble. Not only keywords and bids need to be optimized, but your ads and landing page as well.

The experience so far also matters

We live in an age of globalization, so some aspects of life are very similar at different latitudes. There are the same services, the same brands, the same applications, and smartphones. So it is very likely that similar keywords and targeting criteria will prove to be the most effective. Use the knowledge that you have already gained in the Polish market. Maybe this will be the best way to a high ROI?


– Develop a sales strategy.
– Describe your target audience – prepare personas.
– Choose the right translator-copywriter and explain the specifics of the project to him.
– Do a thorough keyword analysis.
– Specify all possible conversions with precision.
– Prepare a suitable landing page.
– Create advertising texts to the needs of the audience and Google requirements.
– Monitor and optimize your campaign.