How will a simple study of customer needs save you from failure in a B2B sales campaign?

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Selling B2B products and services requires a good sense of the market, defining a niche, and understanding customers. It is not difficult to create an offer, the trick is to sell it.

Does your offer “speak” the language of your customers?

Customers should feel that your B2B service provides them with a specific value, and solves their specific problems. Therefore, before starting a sales campaign, make sure that it is so. Is the problem you refer to in the offer significant for the recipient? Does your service guide them unambiguously from problem to solution?

The rule is simple – the better you understand your client, the easier it will be for you to speak to him in an understandable language. As a result, your campaigns will be much more effective and lower selling costs. Learn one of the techniques of needs research using an extremely simple online survey offered by the best au online casino. Unlike extensive research with an overwhelming number of questions, the simplified version is easy to implement and surprisingly effective.

Customer needs research – goal

The purpose of researching customer needs before the campaign is to understand how and with what words the customer describes his problem and needs. Thanks to it, you will get tips on how to refine your service, you will understand what to pay attention to in marketing communication, and what to make a priority in communication.

How to prepare a simple customer needs survey?

The purpose of the online survey is to collect a minimum of several dozen answers to one open-ended question in the area in which you provide your services. Yes, you read that right – one question, maximum two. Not more.

Why so little? In this case, it is about getting the answer to one, most important question. It is an alternative to overly complex, boring surveys, which already scare you away and create a large barrier to entry.

How to conduct a simple and effective needs research?

The needs research may take the form of an internet campaign or an online competition. What can you do to reach your customers?

  1. If you have the appropriate base, do mass mailing with a link to the online survey. You can use Mailchimp or Freshmail for this purpose.
  2. If you are an active user of thematic groups on Facebook or LinkedIn – invite them to answer one question in the group (after prior arrangement with the group administrator).
  3. Make a campaign in the form of a post on Facebook, or LinkedIn. Briefly communicate in your post what you are asking for and what is the “reward” for providing the answer.

How to ensure the effectiveness of customer needs research?

Worried that people won’t feel like filling out the survey? Rightly. Therefore, to engage your audience, take care of two key issues: a friendly online survey tool and a magnet that will attract people to your survey.

Choose a research tool that will put a smile on your face.

From our perspective, a very convenient tool for creating surveys, better than Google surveys, is Typeform. Typeform is a brand that proves that customer needs research does not have to be boring! Respondents can enjoy giving answers. What did we like so much? That Typeform is “human friendly”. Just like in a conversation, the user sees one question at a time. This way, it’s easy to keep your audience engaged. Responses are more thoughtful, more people go through the survey than in other systems.

Built-in photo and video libraries bring questions to life. Custom layouts and themes show your brand at its best. The elegant interface brings it all together.

Offer a prize that will act as a magnet for the study.

A magnet can be something you don’t usually give, such as a package of free educational materials, a service voucher, and timely free access to the tools you offer.

Customer needs research – what to do?

After completing the needs survey, collect all the answers in one place.

  • Group similar responses and categorize them.
  • Pay attention to what is repeated most often and what phrases customers use. You will use them in your marketing campaign because this is the most understandable form. Use the survey tips to verify your offer.
  • List the most valuable quotes and use the selected texts to create a new sales campaign.

Benefit from a simple needs survey

The results of a correctly conducted needs test give a lot of value.

Use the answers to:

  • refining the B2B offer,
  • writing advertising texts,
  • writing a list of topics for expert articles for the blog,
  • creating new services/products,
  • creating ideas for entries in social media.

Researching customer needs, asking, and listening is a very good start to building customer trust.

What can you do with this knowledge after reading the article? First of all – check out the simple needs-in-action research. Don’t waste time pondering whether you will succeed or not. Even if you don’t get enough answers, you will send a message to your customers – “We care about what is important to you”, “I want to understand you”, and “I want to solve your problems”.