The importance of effective warehouse logistics for the supply chain

International cooperation makes the Poland Warehouse Market as the fastest growing market in Europe.
The demand for warehouse properties is created mainly by the e-commerce sector.

The attractiveness of our country in the context of the construction of storage centres, distribution centres and logistics centres is dictated by several factors, the most important of which are: development of transport infrastructure (motorways and expressways), educated employees and geopolitical stability. In the perspective of 10 years, we can count on further interest in our country of foreign investors and the growth of domestic investments as well as international logistics companies. Thanks to the well-educated and creative staff, we are a country where new organisational processes and technical innovations are willingly implemented. We are often a testing ground, but the successes we have in this field are undeniable. From the information available from the TSL industry, you can find out that Polish distribution centres of well-known American or Scandinavian companies achieve results by up to 300 per cent. Better than their counterparts in other countries.

Effective warehouse logistics combined with delivery on customer demand is the key to business success.

New organisational and technological solutions in warehouses are a response to the changing role of the warehouse in contemporary supply chains. The warehouse has long ceased to be a place where we only store goods. In today’s warehouses, more and more complex operations create added value. Modern equipment is an essential component of storage infrastructure, actively influencing the speed of goods flow in supply chains. The trend of investing in warehouse automation and autonomous devices is becoming noticeable.

The development of the e-commerce sector forces operators and warehouse owners to look for improvements in the area of equipment as well as processes occurring there. The challenge to be faced is the handling of returns, which often account for 40 per cent sector turnover. More and more attention to storage facilities is devoted to energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions. For several years, we have also been observing the intensified activities of manufacturing companies aiming at the production of some elements of products or their entirety as close as possible to the end customer. Warehouse cents are used for this purpose, thus becoming mini-factories.

Besides, in the oil & gas logistics sector, the supply chains face a major challenge to synchronize the supply of equipment from a wide range of sources to potentially remote areas. Bolloré Logistics is an internationally acclaimed specialist in the field of Oil & Gas logistics.

The importance of warehouse processes for modern logistics is demonstrated by technological progress in the area of information exchange and solutions of augmented reality. Access to online data made available to end customers is a slow standard. The use of solutions based on RFID, GS1 standards, IoT (Internet of Things) and cameras allows you to increase the efficiency of processes and provide the necessary information for production to meet the needs of recipients. The current warehouses are interactive service centres in which the warehouse staff are equipped with modern personal barcode scanners or RFID scanners. Their work is supported by Pick by Light or Pick by Voice solutions. The tested solutions by Pick by Vision arouse the most significant emotions by combining two real and virtual worlds.

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