Importance of industrial traceability and marking solutions

Traceability systems create transparency and security. They ensure efficiency increases if the decisive information for process optimization in production, packaging, goods management, transport, and ultimately also in retail is used correctly.

Technomark is a leading full-service provider for industrial marking solutions. They advise and supply manufacturers from all industries who want to mark their products, packaging, and pallets safely and reliably.

Their labeling technology is used, for example, when the legally required traceability of commercial goods must be guaranteed. This means that information such as batch numbers, expiry dates, or lot numbers must be affixed legibly. Professional solutions for all conceivable shapes, surfaces, and purposes are required.

In addition, Technomark supports its customers in the following areas:

  • Automation, control, and monitoring of production and labeling processes
  • Increased productivity through semi and fully automatic systems
  • Optimization of internal and external logistics
  • Counterfeit protection and product protection
  • Quality assurance in production and processing
  • Implementation of new policies and laws for marking
  • Tamper protection packages
  • Serialization of products

Technomark offers high-performance industrial traceability, modular, simple, and effective solutions that fit into production processes.  Because the dot peen marking and laser marking systems provide an excellent and unique component identification, a lot of industries have decided to trust Technomark’s products.

They have the following technologies:

Dot Peen

The principle is based on the hollow deformation of a material with a clear solid metal, which creates a character through a series of points. It offers permanent marking without the risk of breakage in all deformed materials and with hardness lower than 63 HRC.


The principle is based on the penetration of the marking point into the material under the influence of air pressure, creating a continuous line with high readability. This technology is quiet, less than 72 dB (A), particularly suitable for marking parts that generate noise, instruments with high hardness, and also for marking aspects.

Laser Marking

Labeling with laser technology offers many advantages. When it comes to permanent and tamper-proof labeling, direct laser marking is the right solution. When it comes to printing labels under difficult and dusty production conditions or in large industrial plants with a very large print volume, the labels are ideally labeled with a laser system. Laser technology can be used in many ways, but no matter which solution you choose.

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