Important Things To Have In Mind When Hosting A Company Event

Hosting a company event is by no means an easy task. It requires a lot of planning ahead, including securing food and beverages, finding just the right music and ensuring that the company space isn’t completely trashed afterward. But more importantly, it’s about making your employees forget about their work-related worries for the moment and ensuring that they are happy, relaxed and generally having a great time.

At the same time, you are the boss and as such, you need to show a certain dose of professionalism while still being fun and entertaining. This can be a little tricky, which is why we need to cover some important aspects you should have in mind when hosting a company event.

Work on a good party intro

A properly executed party intro can set the tone for the rest of the evening. Whether it’s having a little toast to commend your workers for their efforts or simply to introduce yourself not as a boss, but a fellow human being who also needs a little break from work. The way you introduce yourself is vital when it comes to leaving a good impression and can have a large impact on how your workers will perceive you. The best option is to combine the usual business interaction with a more personal twist and let your workers know that you have more in common than they might have thought.

Be approachable

While we’re on the subject of leveling with your employees, make sure you get out of your “boss persona” for the night. This includes both verbal and nonverbal behavior, as well as communication. You should avoid appearing as difficult and unapproachable and instead, smile often and smile a lot. You’d be surprised just how much a single smile can influence the way people respond to you. Try to get all your employees involved, even the quietest ones and focus on getting their minds off work at least for the rest of the night.

Look professional

We already mentioned that you have to be entertaining and professional at the same time, so let’s dive into the details. The most important aspect of being viewed as a professional is being able to project a professional and poised look in the first place. This means no slumping and rounding off your shoulders or crossing your arms and legs. This can only make you look insecure, guarded and generally submissive and vulnerable. Stand tall, pull your shoulders back, assume a confident posture and make sure you’re speaking loudly and clearly, as no one likes to hear a person mumble through their words.

Avoid talking about business

This might sound like a no-brainer to most, but the truth is that most people have a hard time segmenting their personal and professional lives. Considering that there will most likely be alcohol involved, discussing of business can quickly turn into a negative discussion, or in some extreme cases, turn into a confrontation. As an organizer, one of your numerous responsibilities is to guide the conversation away from any work-related topics and try to maintain an easy-going and upbeat atmosphere.

Set up various door prizes

Your employees have been putting in a lot of work and they, like the rest of us, would definitely appreciate being awarded for their efforts. You can treat your best and most efficient workers with additional vacation days, various gift certificates, dinner or spa vouchers, etc. You can even go an extra step to organize a lottery and leave it to lady luck to decide who will get the prize. This not only shows appreciation for your workers but also leaves them with that positive feeling of having won something.

Organize party-activities

When it comes to party-related activities, the only limit you have is your imagination. You can have your employees to an impersonation game and the one with the best impersonation wins the prize. Gag gifts are also an excellent way to loosen up a bit and get a few laughs out of the room. If you wish to have a more memorable experience, you can always invest in the best photo booth hire Wollongong can offer and hang those pictures around the office. Alternatively, one can never be too old for a drinking game, just be careful not to go overboard and lose your professional composure.

Office parties are an exceptional way to unwind after a difficult quarter and let your workers relax and enjoy themselves for a change. But ultimately, you are the boss and you have to maintain a certain level of professionalism as a business owner while still being entertaining and engaging enough to prevent workers feeling too uptight around you. The main point is to take it easy and use that time to get to know the ones working with you, forget about work-related responsibilities and generally have a great time.

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