Investing In Your Life

Many people dream of receiving a huge sudden windfall—maybe lottery winnings or an inheritance. However, for most people, the reality involves setting aside money for decades and investing it carefully. At some point, it is time to stop investing in stocks and bonds and invest that money in your life. A few key questions will help you decide how much you need and exactly where that money should go.

Where will I go?

During their working years, many people move only if their job requires relocation, or to pursue educational opportunities. During retirement years, however, that can change drastically. Moving may allow you to pursue hobbies or be closer to family. You may want to move for health reasons. In fact, if you suffer from respiratory ailments, allergies, arthritis or seasonal mood disorders, moving to the California desert may add to the quality of your life immensely. You will find a wide range of prices and home styles in cathedral city real estate, a southern California community near Palm Springs. All the answers are intertwined, but this question provides a good starting point.

What will I do?

The retirement stereotype used to include countless golf games and an occasional cruise. Now retirees are more likely to start a business or go back to school. Indeed, in a 2016 survey, only eight percent of retirees mentioned “leisure” as a primary current activity, making it the least-cited of six responses. Some communities offer ample opportunities to volunteer or pursue creative endeavors. Answering this question will help you choose a location that offers everything most important to you.

Who will be beside me?

Maybe you dream of quiet days with just your spouse. Perhaps you long for chaotic weeks when your home is filled with children and grandchildren. Possibly you want to regularly entertain large groups of extended family and friends. The answer to this question will dictate what size home you need and whether you want a single family home with a yard or a condominium with a carefree pool and clubhouse.

Now what?

This answer is easy: enjoy!

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