Keeping Your Tech Out of Sight When Out and About

It used to be no one would think of walking down the street with a device worth hundreds of dollars in plain sight. Now we’d never think of leaving home without our super-pricey phones clutched in our hands, ready to guide us or entertain us or keep us in constant contact with strangers on social media. But is it safe to be waving that expensive item around on the street or the bus or the subway? Consider these ways to camo your tech.


Undercover clothes provide ways to tuck a phone into your undergarments or hemline or waistband. A holster or money belt are other options that can be repurposed for holding phones and other indispensable devices. Add a pair of small wireless earbuds, and you can enjoy your tunes incognito.


Don’t have wireless earbuds? Try a backpack with a little opening at the top to snake wired headphones through while keeping your phone or MP3 player safely out of sight. Many purses and bags have safe padded spots for slipping your phone or tablet where it’s not easily found. Some can even accommodate laptops in a format that won’t scream, “Computer bag! Come and steal it!”


Of course, many of these options limit your ability to freely use your device for messaging and viewing and playing with apps. A clever case can allow you that freedom without putting your phone out there for everybody to see. Check for options that look like books to safely hide your screen use. You may be able to find cases that make your phone look like a calculator, a stuffed animal, or a pretty piece of artwork.

Keeping your desperately needed device safe and secure is just good sense. As more and more devices grow past pocket-size, you’ll have to use a little creativity to get that done.

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