How to Make an Excellent First Impression

First impressions are everything. They involve presenting not only yourself but also your business in the best imaginable way. As an entrepreneur, you have to develop a good business plan and seek out business partners and various investors. All of them will judge you and your personality the second they lay their eyes on you and the opinion they form will have a large impact on the remainder of your business meeting. But how can you be absolutely sure that people will judge you and your business accurately and view you in the best possible light?

Energize yourself before the meeting

There are numerous ways you can lift up your spirits and get in the right mindset before an important meeting; however, one technique, in particular, was proven to be rather effective. Power postures, as they are called, involve posing in high-power display and holding that pose for one minute.

These postures include standing with your arms raised above your shoulders, as if you were flexing your muscles in front of a mirror or simply resting them on your hips with your shoulders and back straight. High-power posing reportedly leads to an increased production of testosterone, a decreased production of cortisol and an increased feeling of power.

Dress appropriately

Clothes, jewelry, make-up, watches, ties, shoes and any type of accessories will be taken into account during the initial judgment and forming of opinions. Take your time to prepare the right outfit beforehand and avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose. The clothes you wear should be just the right fit and in case you’re unsure whether you look the part or not, don’t be afraid to ask your friends for their honest opinion. For men, the type of watch they wear says a lot more than they realize. The same can be said about women and their choice of earnings, purses and any type of jewelry.

Be aware of your body language

Body language is another crucial part leading to a good first impression. This includes your posture, the way you carry yourself, as well as the angles your body takes while standing and sitting. You might not be aware of this, but all it takes to start improving your body language is to be aware of it first. If you’re experiencing issues with your body language and posture, have a friend record a video of you entering and walking around the room. This will allow you to take notice of even the smallest of things that need to be improved.

Don’t forget to smile

A good, honest smile is one of the most important and memorable features people notice when they meet someone for the first time. A genuine smile is an excellent ice-breaker and can be rather effective in establishing a good line of communication. A forced grin, however, can produce quite the opposite effect and make people think that you’re dishonest. An overly wide smile can also be ineffective as you might come off as arrogant. Be natural and relax your facial muscles when smiling, it will make the people around you lower their guards and feel a lot more comfortable.

There are numerous other factors you need to consider before, during and after a business meeting. Punctuality is one of them, but so are the ability to make small talk, as well as the way you treat your business partners. This is particularly important for those flying in out of state, so make sure they are properly situated and provided with the best possible accommodations. Besides the appropriate hotel, you should also consider hiring the best chauffeur service Sydney has to offer in order to provide your business guests with the best possible experience and leave a lasting impression.

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