Modern Technology Trends in Business

The average modern office looks nothing like even the most advanced one from a decade ago: docking stations, small computers while smartphones and tablets couldn’t even be found within a regular office. In truth, however, there are many other tech trends that aren’t plainly visible. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a couple of business technology trends that help the modern entrepreneur prosper.


Starting with the most basic piece of modern technology, this multitool is much more than a simple voice and text communication device. It allows you to access your social media, email, GPS, offers you many useful tools, and the best part is that it all fits into your pocket.
We might not be aware of it, but without the smartphone technology, our lives would change beyond comprehension, not to mention the fact that it would forever change our way of living.
Here’s an irrefutable proof: in 2016, more than half of global Google searches were made from mobile devices!
What does this mean for your office? It means that there is no need for using the landline and that, seeing as how they are fully integrated with other digital devices; their area of application is extremely wide.


It used to be that having a website meant that a business is progressive. Nowadays, if you don’t have an online presentation, you’re likely to end up the laughing stock of potential clients. In fact, the app technology is picking up in popularity, with businesses throughout the world building their very own apps! A successful business is the one that’s equipped with a website, social media presence and a quality, user-friendly app.

Big data

Although not the least bit as popular as the Internet, the big data is definitely an equally important innovation. So, how does big data work? Well, the Internet is filled with information, some useful, some useless. Sifting through the piles of data and learning how to distinguish data that’s crucial is the very essence of using the big data. The fact of the matter is: every single aspect of business can benefit from this technology; from market research and stocking on office supplies to recruitment and partnerships. The information is out there, you just need to know where to look, and this skill is earned through experience.
Here’s an example of what using big data means: use the Internet to learn more about your potential employees – find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as this can turn out much more useful than looking at CVs and cover letters.


While television is slowly dying off, with many streaming services rushing to take over, the TV set technology is booming! “How come?”, you might wonder. Well, to put it simply, many people no longer use TVs for watching television as the main reason.
How is this business related? Well, every office should be equipped with a TV set on the wall for presentation purposes – the projector is an outdated technology, so opting for TV installation in Sydney is a fantastic idea. Just connect it to your computer and never again be forced to have to mess around with a projector.

Mobile cloud computing (MCC)

One of the main benefits that the technology has brought to the table is the ability to store everything in the cloud. You can no longer forget a document, you can only forget your cloud access password, and even if this happens, it can all be dealt with in a matter of minutes. Mobile cloud computing has even gone a step further – nowadays, it is the cloud providers who handle data storage, computing and complexity, rather than the mobile device and this hugely sped up and smoothed out many processes.

These business technology trends have forever changed how the world of business works: the smartphones have provided us with multi-purpose devices, apps have broadened the use of our pocket “omni-tools”, the big data has put us into a mindset that helps us crave more knowledge, the TVs have become the extensions of our computers and the mobile cloud computing has turned business mobile; make sure that you cover every aspect!

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