Online Reputation Management, How And Why Is It Important

Your business is like your baby you put every possible effort that you can muster up into it and finally you succeed in getting it running. But suddenly you feel a setback your phone is not ringing the way it used to the new customers you made are gone and you cannot make out what is the reason behind all this.

The services you provide are still superb and the customers you have love it but still your business is struggling. And then one day you get your answer from one of your customers that there have been some negative reviews about your company posted online. Then you realize that your online reputation is giving a completely negative perception of your business which is killing it. This is the reality that thousands of businesses are facing these days.

How people perceive your company online has now become the most important image of the credibility of your company. It is not significant what kind of business you have 84% customers globally now trust the online reviews that are made by strangers when they want to purchase something.


When laying out a marketing plan your highest priority should be to make a highly backed up impressive online reputation. Why is it necessary because no matter what kind of advertising you do for your business whether it is  online such as PPC, social media, SEO or offline like TV, radio, magazines at the end the consumer will search you online to learn more about you and if they don’t find you there it will most probably drive them away. Most of the business owners do not understand that consumers want information that will give them the confidence that the purchase they are making is the best and most reasonable. Now a day a great part of this confidence is gained from the online reviews of experienced customers.

Reviews And Reputation

When you think about online reputation the first name that comes in mind is Google but don’t let that thought delude you. Although it may seem that a few positive results on Google is all your business needs to succeed but reality is that your business should not be left on the mercy of just one or two companies .  Where online review management is concerned we recommend a wide-ranging approach.

Ensure that the reviews being posted are from real clients. To put up some great reviews is a tempting game but not only is it unethical but it is most likely that you will be caught and that can have some consequences that were not intended. Fake reviews are extremely vague you can encourage customers to make reviews with specific details. There are many online companies like Vibbi that work hard in providing brands and companies with original followers for their social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc

You need to place systems in a way that you can continuously gather reviews. This is important because recent reviews are more valuable than the older ones in terms of rankings by the search engines. Recent reviews have more authenticity for potential customers than older ones.

If there is one company has 20 reviews with an average of four stars and the other one has one with 5 stars you are most likely to choose for the first one. The reliability of a business is connected with the consistency of its reviews.

The more favorable and higher your reviews are the better is the status of your business.

Your business needs to put in place reputation marketing culture and review gathering this investment will in turn give huge profits from the new customers you will be able to attract but will also give you the pricing power. You can out smart your competitor with the reviews of satisfied customers for the new customers who would like to know why they should pay more for your service. People would surely pay more and a get a guarantee on service rather than pay less for a service with no credibility.

Create a system where your fans are louder than your enemies and you will get results that are worth it and remember you should always buy Instagram followers or other fan following from authentic sources.

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