How to Plan for Your Best Working Month

You have a great job, but something’s always missing. It’s like you are suffocating in your responsibilities and duties. You have no spare time for yourself, everything is so tense and happening in the last moment. You are doing well, but you feel you can achieve more. Welcome to the 21st century!

That problem is not only yours; most people these days have similar problems, and although you might think that can’t be changed, guess what? It can! It is hard, but who said that anything that’s worth it will be easy?

Before you start, change the negative attitude. It is possible! You can achieve whatever you want; everything else is just an excuse.

Don’t you dare say that you don’t have enough time. That is a dream killer – so many ideas, inventions, and great carriers have been blown away by that.

The only thing you need is the strategy. All successful people have it. They’re not better than you! They just found a system and they stick to it. There are few rules and routines that will help you become the king of a castle.

Make Rituals

At the beginning of every month, reserve time for planning. Make this time special, something you are looking forward to. A time when you are going to listen to your favorite music, take a drink, or your favorite snack. You should be totally relaxed and dedicated to your planning process. Think through all the things that need to be done and write them down in a diary planner. That way it is going to be easier to stick to the plan and achieve it.

Observe the Big Picture

The best way to turn your attention to what is really important and what moves you is to look into your dreams. That’s what explains you the best. If you want to know where you want to get, you need to know what your life goals are. Observing the big picture does exactly that: it helps you focus on what is important in your life, and what should be your priority.

Celebrate Your Achievements

People rarely do this, but our achievements are exactly what makes us happy. Enjoy, make some time to think about them. Don’t just go forward. Stop for a moment, take a big breath, and appreciate what you have accomplished. Nobody else will! Nobody will be more proud of your achievements than you.

Analyze What You Missed in the Last Month

Focus only on what is really important, forget about the minor things. Be honest with yourself! Think through reasons why that didn’t happen, what could you have been doing wrong, what was the better way to handle it, what you should do next time when faced with the similar situation, how you could improve in future. Analyzing our mistakes or missed opportunities helps us to prevent this situation from happening in the future.

Commit to Your Major Goals

Don’t try to focus on too many things at once! Everyone has boundaries. No one can cover a hundred things with the same focus and dedication. Pay your attention to what is the most important! Six to seven things are more than enough. Be sure that the ones you choose bring you closer to your year’s goals, and if it is possible, to your biggest dreams.


The majority of people underestimates the time that is needed for a certain operation. That is why they procrastinate, and at the end of the day, they are unsatisfied because they didn’t accomplish their duties. One of the most important things that separate those who are successful from those who are not is a realistic observation of time. Everything takes time, the sooner you realize that, the better. Ordinary people can make the maximum of 3 major tasks per day, so follow that rule. Schedule everything, and be realistic about how long that is going to last and plan other duties accordingly.

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