Privacy Policy

TheMediaVine solely takes care of your privacy. This privacy policy is to describe how TheMediaVine collects and uses the information from you in our content on our website or mobile application.

Please read this Privacy Policy in detail (along with the terms and conditions). By using any of our services, you acknowledge to agree to our privacy policy and terms and conditions and you give your consent to be bound by terms regarding the use of information. In a case when we have to use information other than the ones mentioned in this privacy policy, we will ask for your consent.

We provide you with business ideas, entrepreneurship ideas, financing, news and how can you boost up your sales with amazing marketing ideas. You can read and gain information from here and share the link anywhere you want to. Though if you are willing to share the information on social media through our page, then you are pre-informed that social media pages are not directly controlled by us. The social networking site pages are controlled and run by some third parties and hence the privacy policy may vary.

Collecting your information

By signing in using social media logins or other plugins, or by filling the form, you may provide us with the necessary information required to register with us corresponding to your mobile number and email address. This is the information you provide to us when you require using our service, when you sign into our website, when you subscribe to our service or when you participate in any public discussion and when you upload any sort of content. This information may include:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact number
  • E-mail address
  • Business name
  • Your photograph

Though it is not necessary that the information is limited to the above points.

There is some information that we collect about you. Every time you visit our website or open our email, we may automatically collect your IP address, your login information, your visiting information, your searches and information of how many times did you visit the page.

Why do we collect information?

The information we have of you is to facilitate you to access the functions and content available on the website. It also provides you the access to any service you wish to acquire from us.

In case there is any change in the service, we use your contact information to notify you the recent changes made.

With the information of your interests and preferences, we create the content of your interest which is beneficial to you and people having interest in business, entrepreneurship, financing and other areas we deal with. Hence, it is used to make our website and content better.

This information lets you participate in the interactions made online through our interactive portal. Through your interests, we also make some recommendations to you about the content of our site which you may like or about goods and services which may interest you.

Also, the information is used to make sure that the site is working properly for you and your computer.


We do not take responsibility of any of your contact information made public. It is solely in your hands to keep it private or public. The information and content provided on this website are completely the views and knowledge of our content writers.