Pulled Over On a DUI? What Happens Next?

You hear the siren beeping and notice the flashing lights in the rearview mirror. What could it mean? You only had a couple of beers with dinner – and a tequila shot. Every situation is different, but when a police officer pulls you over on a possible DUI, there are some common features.

You Got Stopped

As with most vehicle stops, the officer will almost always ask for your license and registration. Be polite and offer the documents without a fight. The officer may then ask how much you had to drink. Be honest and don’t offer the usual “just a couple of beers” phrase that nearly everyone responds with. You will then be told to step from the car.

You Get Tested

You may be asked to walk a field sobriety test, or the officer may give you a portable breath analysis. During this assortment of tests, you may wonder if you have the phone number of a bondsman Denver County CO. Stay calm and focus on completing each test to the best of your ability.

You Get Searched

If the office believes you were driving under the influence, he or she will probably search both you and your vehicle. If the officer asks you for permission to search your car, you do not need to let them. A simple, “No, I don’t want you to search my vehicle” in reply will suffice.

You Get Arrested

Once you are arrested, the officer will cuff you and place you in the back of a police car. After arriving at the police station, you will be cited for your offence, and then you will be booked. Depending on the jail system, you may be put in a cell with others or wait in a cell of your own until you can see the judge and have a hearing. Or you can get bailed out of jail.

You have heard the advice many times, and it is still true – if you drink, don’t drive. Ask a friend to be a designated driver when you party hard. Keep your driving record clean.

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