Running a Successful Storage Facility

There are several reasons people rent storage units; temporary landing for belongings while moving, storing seasonal items such as boats or snow machines, or keeping items safe during disaster cleanup. Whatever the reason people chose to store items, there are important reasons why they choose a particular facility. Aside from monthly fees and location, people will choose a place that feels well cared for and secure; including some of the following features.

Secure Perimeter Fencing

Steel or iron fencing that is tall enough to prohibit trespassers is essential. Choose a fence with a rolling gate and a pad where customers can type in an entry code to get through. You may want to hire a night watch just to ensure that things are secure. Call one of the best fence companies Columbus Ohio offers to do the job right.

Good Lighting

All outdoor lighting should be bright enough to illuminate the entry and between the buildings. Additional lights of the motion sensor type would be of a great help inside the units so that they will come on when needed. That can also help an owner to see if there is someone inside at night.

Security Cameras

Place video cameras in key places where they can monitor who is coming or going at any given time. Then if contents go missing from a unit, or there is damage to the facility, you may have some proof and a better chance legal recourse.

Climate Control

Provide doors that seal tightly and have a gasket running across the bottom to keep weather and pests out. Heating and cooling to keep the units at a steady and moderate temperature would be ideal to protect unit contents, but at the very least, a ventilation system to keep fresh air circulating and vent humidity would be a draw.

The difference between a facility that just gets rented because there isn’t much else and one that is in high demand can be as simple as those items listed above. Upgrade a few of these items at your storage units to attract new or repeat customers.

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