Salesforce Solutions for Fundraising Campaigns

There are so many people in need, but hopefully there are also so many people who are willing to help them. And in our fast-changing world, technology plays the leading role in how we can do this. Non-profit organisations can now choose from a vast array of high-tech solutions which have been built specifically for them. A non-profit starter pack has turned Salesforce’s CRM into the world’s number 1 CRM for non-profits and numerous components have now made its functionality even broader.

Advanced Communities specialises in Salesforce Community Cloud and is one of the biggest providers of Community components that are especially suitable for non-profits and available on AppExchange for free. Recently, Advanced Communities created a complete AC Non-Profit Start Pack – a set of components developed for everything you would need to build a successful fundraising campaign.

AC Non-Profit Start Pack for Salesforce Community Cloud allows big and small non-profits to:

  • Manage effectively all their data in one place;
  • Easily recruit and engage their volunteers;
  • Keep in continuous communication with their constituents;
  • Vastly improve their fundraising efforts;
  • Gain a helicopter view of their analytics.

Advanced Communities and its AC Non-Profit Start Pack provide non-profit organisations with multiple options for any kind of fundraising campaign including:

One-time donation: a fundraising campaign launched for any purpose requires a basic set of functionalities.

Recurring donation: regularly scheduled donations for single or multiple fundraising campaigns conducted by non-profits and supported by a large pack of functionalities.

Sponsorship: raising money by organising on-line and off-line fundraising events can be another way of generating funds for non-profits.

On-line shop: raising money by setting up an on-line shop for buying and selling products and services for a charitable purpose. A charitable auction is another great way to raise money through an on-line storefront.

Now, let’s take a look at how those components can be applied to managing a successful fundraising campaign.

AC Payments & Donations allows non-profits to process credit and debit card payments for their products, subscriptions, service or membership fees on their Salesforce community. The component is based on the Stripe API payment system and can be integrated with Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP).

  • Secure and reliable Salesforce payment and donation processing.
  • Process one-time and recurring transactions by drag and dropping our component on any Community page.
  • Create donation campaigns and track their performance in Salesforce.
  • Full tracking and reporting on all transactions.

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AC Events is the ultimate community event management for running philanthropic concerts, sport challenges, charity performances and other private or public events. This component has an extended number of functionalities, such as:

  • Support for free and paid events including an early-bird pricing option;
  • Credit and Debit Card processing (Stripe integration);
  • Guest Registration with Google reCAPCHA support;
  • Customisable dietary and event preference forms;
  • Support for Outlook/Mac and Google Calendars;
  • Google maps integration;
  • Email Reminders;
  • Time Zones display support.

AC eCommerce allows non-profits to set up their stunning on-line shop in just a few clicks and start selling today! It has an awesome user experience design and provides powerful, yet simple in use functionalities including:

  • Custom branded on-line storefront for selling any product or service;
  • Easy and secure payment through Stripe integration;
  • Increase sales by creating, launching and managing promotions;
  • Flexible and customisable Order, Shipment and Tax Management.

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Having been involved with Salesforce communities since 2013, we at Advanced Communities know the product inside out, including all the latest features and trends, and we follow the most up-to-date, best practices. And we know how to help non-profits’ in their mission to do good and be more prosperous.

We have twice been awarded the Salesforce Community Bolty award as EMEA Break Out Partner, and we make sure that any AC Non-Profit Start Pack setup by our Salesforce Community Cloud consultants will cover any fundraising scenario. We help non-profits to be more efficient and to vastly improve their fundraising efforts in the process.

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