Simple Mistakes Made by Inexperienced Roof Replacement Companies

Roof replacement can be a very complex process. There are several aspects to monitor, issues to overcome, and obstacles to master when doing roof replacement. Most roof replacement companies work on several projects simultaneously and tend to take on more than they can handle accurately and professionally to get as much business as possible. That leads root replacement companies to make simple mistakes that affect the finished product. Here are three simple mistakes made by inexperienced roof replacement companies and how to avoid them when choosing a roof replacement company.

Choosing the wrong material

Roof replacement companies sometimes use inferior shingles when putting on new roofs because it’s cheaper for them to do so. That is especially common in regions where shingles need to be replaced annually due to humidity or constant sun exposure. The problem with using cheap materials is that it shortens the roof’s life expectancy and can lead to water damage within a few years. Not only will you have to replace the roof sooner than expected, but you will save a lot of money since the contractor used the wrong materials. However, you can avoid this issue if you choose licensed personnel such as the roof replacement Summerville-based.

Replacing your ridge vents

When replacing a roof, you want to eliminate all weak spots that could cause problems down the road, including old mortar and deteriorated ridge vents. If some of your ridge vents are still in good condition, you shouldn’t replace them because the air flowing through the roof helps to prevent mold and mildew growth. Replacing old or damaged ridge vents can increase the chances of experiencing moisture damage, which is highly unadvisable for homes in humid climates.

Neglecting proper ventilation

Improper ventilation is another common mistake made by homeowners who choose to do their repairs. While it’s true that you want to reduce the amount of water vapor in your attic during hot, humid summer months, too much ventilation can cause issues as well. The way this works is when there is too much airflow through your attic, it causes overly dry conditions, which corrode your roofing materials and causes them to deteriorate much faster than usual.