Solid wood bedrooms: decoration that never goes out of style

Throughout history, wood has been used for many interests by humans. It began as a tool to warm up, was part of many useful tools for life and especially shelters. Many years later this noble material is still being used both for making solid wood bedrooms and for many other decorative uses: kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms …

As it is relatively easy to find handling material, it formed and forms part of houses, furniture, decorations, etc. The artisans, wise experts in their physical and mechanical properties, learned and transmitted the knowledge of converting the different woods that nature offers into beautiful and durable pieces, such as the solid wood bedrooms that you can see in Solocamas.

However, even being one of the first materials used for construction, it should not be considered as outdated or outdated. Although beauty, firmness, and utility are principles of architecture that are still present in the use of wood since the Rome of the year 25 a. C., at the same time, the new technologies enable modern creations of solid wood bedrooms with more rounded designs or fused with wrought iron or marble.

While it is true that there are currently other materials with which to furnish the rooms, there is nothing more durable than a good wooden bedroom. Choosing some solid wood bedside tables adorned with simple lamps, which accompany solid wood beds, can make a bedroom an elegant and reassuring resting space for a long time.

The combinations of fabrics that can be used to finish off the decoration are very wide since it allows to combine the wood with thousands of options, both floral or rural, for a more rustic style, such as the most modern or minimalist lines. Also, the use of various varnishes or the possibility of painting the pieces of solid wood when a change is needed makes it possible to renew later a bedroom that will still be in perfect condition.

In any decoration, choosing the color of the walls is also important. Well, with light solid wood furniture can be used from a white, ivory or light pink, to blue, green or yellow.

Choosing the resting place is important for the hours spent in it. Putting a fragment of nature inside may be the best choice. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, a bed must have a firm and solid headboard behind, which represents a mountain of protection and offers security. Therefore it is not uncommon for solid wood headboards to be ideal for those who consider these theories to decorate their solid wood bedroom.

Let’s see Panoplot panel, which is made of solid full stave lamellas glued together on the side and in the width.
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There are many types of wood with specific properties that derive from the tree it comes from. One of the most common alternatives is pine wood. Obtained from an evergreen tree, it has characteristically clear colors. It is easy to treat so that it is properly preserved and has great versatility.

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