Starting a Convenience Store

The days of the full service fuel station are past. Convenience stores are now popping up all over in their place. These shops handle more than just gasoline and boost the economy of the town they are in. Here are some benefits of opening one near you.

Costs Little to Start Up

In comparison to other types of businesses, it is cheap to have gas station builders put up a convenience store. The manufacturing of the building itself costs very little however supplying the fuel can be over a million dollars. You can also save some money by looking at used facilities that might be for sale.

Carrying More Than Fuel

These days the convenience store carries more than gasoline. For travelers just passing through, you can sell snacks, beverages, and small items they might need for their trip. Many chains also carry basic grocery items for the neighboring housing developments for those customers who only want to go a short distance to grab the few things that they need.

Hub Of the Community

Since the store carries more items than gas, the community will flock there to get their supplies. This is especially true in small towns that are without a grocery store. However, be certain to have security cameras mounted outside and train your employees to be vigilant. Convenience stores can draw illegal activity so if you show an active presence it will deter criminals from attacking your store.

Become a Franchisee

If you open a store, you have the option to join a chain of companies that have offers for franchisees. You will be locked to selling only that brand of gasoline but the startup costs will be significantly lower than if you tried to go on your own. You can also utilize their service to stock your store to cut expenses also.

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