Things You Are Doing Wrong When Charging Your Smartphone

Playing online casino games on your mobile smartphone is actually interesting. And it gives you the needed gambling experience for real money whilst on the go. But one thing that is not easy is to keep your phone charged. Yes, it might seem very easy because you are looking at your battery levels and then the next minute you are plugging it on the charger.

But there is one thing that most people tend to forget when it comes to the whole aspect of phone charging. Keeping the battery lifespan of your great mobile great is actually not a piece of cake. Rather there are certain things that we are not actually aware when we are charging our smartphones.

On that note, brace yourself because there are certain things that you are actually be doing wrong when it comes to charging your smartphone.

Always Charging it to up to 100%

It is actually a norm that most times when your phone reaches 100% you will be at ease. And you will have that euphoria of playing online casino games for real money via But truth be told you can still play online casino games without fully charging your phone. This is because most mobile casino games don’t consume a lot of your battery unless if your battery is malfunctioning. The reason for not charging your smartphone battery up to 100% is that most of these smartphones encompass lithium-ion battery. And these type of batteries does not like to be fully charged and warm.

Letting it Get too Close to Zero

Charging your battery all the way up to 100% is actually not a big deal compared to letting it discharge to zero percent. So to make sure you stay in a perfect world you are just supposed to make sure that your battery doesn’t go below 20% and never above 80%. With the said battery percentages you can still play online casinos games and win real money. Bit always make sure that you don’t let it switch off

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