Tips for Smoothly Taking Your Company Across Town

If your company has outgrown it’s current space and you moving to a nice piece of real estate across town, how you choose to address the transition can make or break your sanity and profitability. When you relocate a company, there is a lot of stuff that needs to make it safely and securely from one area to another without disrupting the workflow and creating chaos. It doesn’t matter what you are moving. Without the right planning and preparation, and perhaps help from professional movers, your trip across town can turn into a nightmare.

It’s All About the Packaging

The contents of your office or warehouse might be some of the easiest things to move. If your inventory is neatly boxed with packaging supplies minneapolis vendors have assured is leak or spill-proof, then you are good to go with transport. If you have loose items and articles strewn everywhere, it is time to invest in some boxes and packing tape. Everything that needs to be moved should be secured without fear of items falling out or getting shuffled and broken.

Don’t Fear the Furniture

Offices are filled with bulky furniture, but the pieces can all be moved safely. For this to happen, desks, bookcases, and filing cabinet should all be emptied and drawers or shelves removed. Labeling these pieces will make it easier to restore items to their homes at the new location. You may need to unbolt several larger items in order to make it easier to transport. Also, be sure to tape or tie any drawers that can’t be removed. To protect the furniture, wrap the pieces in shrink-wrap or moving blanket.

When in doubt, there is no shame in calling in a team of professionals who have experience in moving businesses. This might be the best way to ensure all your items arrive in one piece and with the least amount of disruption to your clients and customers.

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