Unique Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

Group of people in dress suits

If you’re looking for new, unique, and exciting ideas to make your next corporate event the talk of the town, then we’re here to help. Creating a memorable and enjoyable event for your attendees is key to a successful turnout. There are many different ways you can do this; whether you’re hosting an intimate outing, or an elaborate party, there are a ton of unique ways you can spice up your event and add flair that will excite your guests and keep them talking. Here are a few ideas from corporate event planners to help get your creative juices flowing:

Seek A Thrilling Adventure 

There are several adventures in your area that you might not even know about, that could add the perfect amount of excitement for your attendees. Although not for super large groups, this a great idea for team outings, or small and intimate gatherings. A few ideas include indoor skydiving, indoor rock climbing, canoe or boat tours, go-karts or bumper cars, ziplining, obstacle courses and more. Do some research in your area, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect adventure for your event.

Include Local Small Businesses

This is a great way to bring a sense of community and togetherness to your event. By including local small businesses, not only are you giving them recognition and benefiting their audience reach, but you’re also allowing your attendees to connect and get to know more people in their community. It’s a great way to network and become familiar with more people that are local to you and your business.

Pre-Package Experiences 

There are several different places that already offer large group package discounts. Searching for these in your area is simple, and very little planning will go into this type of outing. An example includes escape rooms, paint or pottery classes, zoo or botanical garden tours, murder mystery dinners etc. If you know the amount of people, it’s easy to find an experience that will be perfect and ideal for your corporate event.

Food Trucks

Although catering is still a huge factor in planning many events today, there is a hot new alternative that the community is loving: Food Trucks. You would be surprised at the variety of food trucks available, from taco trucks, to beer and wine trucks, to bagel trucks, and many more. Do some research in your area and bring a fun twist to your event that guests will love. Plus, you’re likely giving exposure to a local food truck owner.

Planning a corporate event is overwhelming and stressful no matter the size. Consider hiring a local corporate event planner in your area that can help alleviate some of the stress and let you get back to handling your business.