Water and light: Simple elements, great monuments

Parks and squares in many cities are decorated with large “illuminated fountains” that by day and night represent a great spectacle of light and water to behold

Illuminated water sources in urban projects have become a guarantee of success. But carrying out this type of design involves correct planning and following precise guidelines.

When designing an ornamental fountain, several points must be kept in mind that will achieve success in the design, such as, first of all, the aesthetic value that the fountain will bring in the space chosen to carry out the work, that is, having a clear objective or purpose for which it will be conceived: water game, garden fountain, pond, among others.

As for the aquatic effects, everything will depend on the space, the natural conditions of the place, and the budget you have to carry out the water game. Using the water tunner effect you can set up a great water tunnel with other water effects to animate the park and create a unique and fantastic universe.

Second, the type of lighting. At this point, we put more emphasis and it is that for us the lighting carried out by this type of project is very important, since it is an essential conditioner and the one that gives more life to a source.

Let us assume that the lighting in fountains should focus exclusively on the ornamental elements that, in most cases, are only water games, unless it is a monumental fountain and is fixed on the monument as such.

Nowadays the architects, civil engineers, and others involved in this type of creations use three types of lighting: Halogen lighting, White LED lighting, and/or LED lighting with color change.

In this sense, we can affirm that lighting is an extremely important issue, which encompasses the greatest concern of those who make a water source since on the one hand, they must decide between high initial cost (LED lighting) or high energy and replacement of lamps (halogen lighting).

And in third and last place electricity consumption, no less important than the previous ones. The electrical power required by a source depends on the powers of the pumps used. It is advisable to use (whenever possible) pumps designed specifically for sources, which offer the flow and pressure requirements with a more contained electrical consumption.

If we focus on the lighting point, we can say that the power required is usually less than that used by the pumps, but it should also be taken into account especially if halogen lighting is chosen. L to LED lighting has very reduced compared to halogen consumption.

Water and light shows

Among the shows that integrate light and water and make cities an attraction for tourists and residents, thanks to its dynamic combination of movement and music with all the colors of the visual spectrum, it is worth discovering some water fountain show by Aquatique Show.

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