Weird Phobia’s of the World that You Won’t Believe

We are all afraid of something. That is why there is a phobia for everything. Some people are scared of snakes, some are terrified of sharks. This makes sense because those things are scary. Then there are those phobias that are just odd. The weirdest ever phobias in the world.


Ever come across someone who is terrified of bathing? Apparently, the fear of bathing is called ablutophobia. Maybe it is because they are afraid of drowning in the tub, who knows. Either way, let’s just hope that those who suffer from this phobia have a constant supply of deodorant.


The fear of work or being in a work environment is called ergophobia. And all along we just thought people were lazy. Although this phobia seems strange, doctors and physiologists believe that there is deep-rooted cause for ergophobia, like fear of failing given tasks or social anxiety. Imagine workers at the biggest online casinos with this kind of phobia, customers will end up boycotting their business if workers are lazy to help their clients.


Maybe the reason why some of you beautiful women are single is that you only come across people who suffer from venustraphobia. This is the fear of beautiful women. Of the things to fear in the world, who would have thought that beautiful women are part of them?


If you thought venustraphobia was odd, well that’s not even half of it. Please welcome, aurophobia, this is the fear of finding gold or everything made of gold. Professionals in the fields of phobias believe that this phobia is caused by having a traumatic experience with gold.


Scared of snakes, we understand. Scared of sharks, totally believable. Scared of money, wait, what!? Chrometophobia is the fear of money. The people who suffer from this phobia are afraid of handling money. Some individuals even go as far as getting gloves when they handle money.


In the 21stcentury, this odd phobia almost makes sense. Nomophobia, the fear of being without your mobile phone or not using your phone. For a person who has their phone with them all day, every day, even a few minutes without it, can be scary. A smartphone is an all in one solution for gaming to internet betting.

Fear of Online Casino Games?

Fortunately, there is no phobia of casino online games. At least it has not been well documented. Maybe it can be related to a fear of winning? But that is for another day.

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